Unique and easy way to discover underwater life of Bora-Bora, whitout mask, snorkel or regulator.

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RATES FROM 29 200 XPF 245 € Max

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Time departure: 8:15am / 10:30am / 1:00pm

This activity is truly a unique experience accessible for all the family, therefore grandparents, children (over 6 years old), also for those who do not have swimming knowledge.

Underwater Scooter is perfect for romantic couples who wants to keep sharing memorial moments. Nothing better than our activity where you can still hug and talk while discovering the underwater marine life.

A surface buoy will keep you at 3 meters deep and you’ll be lead by a monitor diving instructor guide.

A souvenir USB key can be purchase at the end of the tour with all your family photos and videos.
– Pick-up & Drop Off by boat directly at your Hotel main dock* Accessible by boat
– Safety
– Duration/Underwater time is about 30 minutes

fresh drinks fruits towel

are included

Melchor V
Melchor V
Muy entretenida y divertida! Una experiencia muy divertida y única que es entretenida para todas las edades! Recomendado si quieres hacer actividades diferentes que probablemente no puedas hacer en otros lugares
Domi G
Domi G
BEST EXCURSION IN BORA BORA ???? Swimming with humpback whales is a MUST in Bora Bora. Not only is it the best excursion that you’ll ever do, but the experience itself is nothing short of breathtaking, literally. Bora Bora is one of the few places in the world where you are allowed to jump in and swim with these gorgeous creatures called humpback whales. It’s not the easiest to spot them in the ocean; it took us a couple of hours to find a baby momma and a calf pair, but once we did, we spent nearly a full hour watching them from either the boat or the water - depending on your comfort level. I will say it is somewhat scary to jump into the deep ocean at first, but our guide, Virgini, explained all that we needed to be aware of beforehand, so I felt comfortable joining her in the water. It also helped that Virgini had one of those kickboards that we could hold onto and rest for a few minutes while watching “the show”. I say the show because it really felt as though we were watching an episode on National Geographic. The whales came within 5-15 feet from us at one point, which was unbelievable. But I think my favorite part of it all was when the calf kept playing on the surface: twisting, rolling, throwing his tail out, blowing air up and doing all sorts of tricks. Calfs are quite curious and playful, so if you get a chance to spot one, they will put on a show, no question about it. Last but certainly not least, choosing a Certified Guide and Captain, such as Bora Bora Ocean Adventures, makes all the difference. They keep the tour interesting even before you see the whales by sharing stories about their livelihood, breeding, singing, etc. Heck, Virgini even had a humpback whale tattooed on her foot; now if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. But joking aside, they are super knowledgeable about all aspects of humpback whales and the ocean, so if you’re into nature, these true professionals will not disappoint you. If you are still not sure whether to go or not, JUST DO IT. It is worth every penny and will arm you with plenty of bragging rights when you return home. ???????? Virgini, thank you for such an unforgettable experience. We hope to be back and do it again soon. ❤️
Mathilde C
Mathilde C
INCROYABLE!!!! Quelle journée INCROYABLE!!! Il faut de la patience mais les moniteurs savent ce qu'ils font, où chercher et comment s'y prendre. Nous avons eu la chance de nager avec une baleine et son baleineau, c'est l'expérience la plus émouvante que j'ai vécue! Je recommande sans hésiter! Bateau super confortable, pilote qui gère avec la houle que l'on peut éventuellement avoir, pleins d'explications sur les baleines, boissons et snack à bord, bref AU TOP DU TOP!!! ????
incroyable un "best of" la gentillesse du staff avec toutes les explications sur la faune aquatique de Bora j'ai pu voir en snorkelling les gentils requins pointe noire, hors et sous l'eau une baleine et son petit baleineau sauteur "incroyable" des raies et aussi un passage de dauphins ; sur le zodiac la sensation d'être une "guess star" un invité d'honneur, bref un accueil à la polynésienne le bateau est très confortable pas de mal de mer nous avons eut une météo magnifique et un océan de rêve le tour du lagon de Bora est somptueux même pour moi qui vient de nouvelle-calédonie
Leslie R
Leslie R
Juste oh top ! Activité vraiment atypique. Que dire a part sensation magique de "voler" sous l'eau. Je recommande vraiment cette activité qui est un mixte entre découverte du fond marin et jet ski sous l'eau. De plus, super accueil et prise en charge. Merci à toute l'equipe.
Annick L
Annick L
Incontournable sur Bora Une experience unique dans un cadre exceptionnel. Une plongee en scooter au milieu d'une multitude de poissons multicolores c'est juste incroyable Nous avons passé un superbe moment et si vous venez sur Bora n'hesitez surtout pas Encore merci a Remy et son equipe pour leur sourire et leur gentillesse